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We offer a wide range of services including knee rehabilitation classes, circuit training classes, Watt Bike classes, spinal clinic classes, Pilates etc.



Knee Rehabilitation Class:

(led by Charlotte Long BSc (Hons) MSST Sports Therapist)

Day:             Wednesday

Time:           6.00 – 7.00 pm

Location:    Gym

Outline of Class:

Weekly classes for a period of 6 weeks together with your physiotherapy/sports therapy or osteopath session.

The initial class will last 45 minutes with subsequent classes lasting 30 minutes.

Classes will involve a form of circuit training consisting of 8 stations each with different exercises to complete.  Each exercise station will last for 1 minute with 30 seconds rest period between each station.  The circuit will be completed once.

Class format:

Warm up – 10 minutes of cardiovascular endurance

Main session – 15 minutes of circuit training around 8 circuit stations

Cool down – 5 minutes of static/dynamic stretching


Each individual’s objectives will differ; whether you are a long distance runner, playing football or just going about your daily routine.  As such, the aim of each class is for the individual to regain full function and confidence of their knee and return to their preferred activity, sport or daily task.

Once you have achieved full strength and control of the knee and are confident, you will be referred back to your therapist for a final review before being discharged.  However, if your therapist feels that you will benefit from additional classes this will be discussed with you.

Individual Exercise Objectives:

  • Cardiovascular endurance:  This type of exercise will be used within the warm-up session at the start of each class allowing the body to become warm and to prevent further injury.  Individuals will have a different fitness level due to their own personal circumstances.  You will work at your own pace in order to complete each exercise successfully.
  • Muscular strength: The principle aim in muscle strength exercises is to allow both knees to be fully supported in functional movement.  This will be achieved by building upon your existing strength.  This type of  exercise will include free weights, gym machine and body weighted exercises.
  • Proprioception/balance: These exercises will include balancing on one leg, hopping side-to-side, hurdle jumps and wobble board exercises.  Each exercise will be progressed or even regressed depending on the individual’s ability and sporting requirement.  In this case, it may even by simply closing both eyes or throwing a ball while standing on one leg.
  • Power, speed and agility: these elements are used within sporting activity and daily living.  This will be achieved by directional, explosive and jumping type exercises.
  • Flexibility: this section will be based within the cool down session with flexibility being the key element to prevent muscle soreness and loss of mobility during the days following the exercise class.  Flexibility techniques will be performed by either static  or dynamic stretching.  Some techniques may require a partner in order to achieve a maximal stretch.  These stretches will usually last between 8-10 seconds and repeated up to 5 times per stretch.

Payment options:

  1.  Pay as you go (£10 per session) or
  2.  One-off payment of £45.00 (£7.50 per session)

To book a place with Charlotte Long:  01473 622698 or 07432 050 301

Circuit Training:

A fun group exercise class that starts with some low impact exercise, builds up to resistance training and ends with some great core conditioning to leave you buzzing with energy!


Pilates is a series of controlled movements designed to strengthen the body, stretch the muscles and focus the mind. Our classes are mat based, suitable for anyone whether you are new to exercise or a regular gym goer. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no muscle is overworked and the body moves in an efficient, holistic system in sport and daily activity.

We are currently updating this page and will add further details of all classes in due course. 

In the meantime, if you would like further information of what we offer, please call the clinic on 01473 622698/612487.