Our Services

Sportsmed East aims to provide a total sports health service – not just sports injuries. We aim to help each individual achieve their potential – a comprehensive health care service for people in sport. Stay fit, prevent injury and understand your performance.


A core value of Sportsmed East is in the importance of a multidisciplinary approach to sports medicine. We are able to offer consultations with Sports Doctors, Chartered Physiotherapists. We also offer a combined consultation, with both Sports Physician and Physiotherapist- a truly team approach to sports injury management.

Our Sports doctors have undertaken a range of specialist training, and have the skills to consult on a wide range of issues. They are specialists in the non-operative management of musculoskeletal injuries, and focus on the restoration of optimum sporting function and performance. They are able to consult on injury Diagnosis and management, medical screening/assessment, fitness testing and exercise physiology, Training programme implementation.



Physiotherapy frequently forms a large part of our clients’ treatment, and our methods rely heavily on manual therapy and active graded exercise to restore mobility, improve strength, proprioception, and kinetic control (core stability). We will address any biomechanical factors that may have contributed to injury. Rehabilitation of the athlete will be functional and sport specific. Our Physiotherapists have experience in professional sport and so have a wealth of experience in rehabilitating athletes back to sport. Thorough graded rehabilitation is essential if an athlete is to prevent recurrence.

Sports Massage

Sports massage aims to improve the suppleness and flexibility of muscles, joints and blood circulation.  It can speed the healing of damaged or stressed muscles, tissues and joints, and prevent future muscle and tendon injuries.

Biomechanical Assessment

Assessment of posture, alignment, flexibility and stability can highlight any abnormalities that may lead to adverse stress and strain on joints and soft tissues, resulting in injury. Once identified these can be corrected, relieving pain and preventing further injury. Analysis of sporting technique can often reveal poor postural or movement patterns that contribute to injury.

Ergonomic assessment

Is work affecting your sport! Ergonomics is the study of how one’s body interacts with the work environment. Stress and strain from poor posture at work or badly positioned equipment can lead to symptoms that affect sports performance.  Our Physiotherapists are skilled in assessing your workplace and making recommendations to correct any issues.

Exercise physiology/ Fitness testing

At Sportsmed East we believe that the scientific support that has traditionally only been available to elite athletes should be available to anyone who is serious about their performance.  Fitness testing should be specific to the sport of the athlete. Dr Ahmad Alkhatib is an exercise physiologist who runs our exercise physiology testing in conjunction with Dr hodgkinson.  We are able to offer a complete range of tests at a variety of sites. For example we are able to test maximal aerobic capacity, using heart rate. Lactate testing allows for “threshold” testing.  This is the point when the anaerobic energy system overtakes the aerobic system in energy production, with the subsequent build up of lactic acid.  Information from these tests can allow an athlete to accurately set their training zones and better planning of training programmes.

Diagnostic and imaging services

Our clinicians will be able to discuss with you appropriate use of diagnostic tests such as x-ray, Ultrasound, MRI scanning,. We are able to offer Ultrasound scanning of soft tissue injuries at our premises.

Orthopaedic consultations

Through our extensive network we are able  to organise quick and efficient referral to a range of Orthopaedic Surgeons that specialise in management  of the sports injured patient.

Sport specific coaching

Sportsmed East has strong links with a range of Coaches in the Eastern region.  Adjustment to technique should be carried out under the watchful eye of a sport specific coach.  In addition we have access to a range of highly skilled strength and conditioning coaches that can help you maximise your performance thefitnessunit.co.uk

Personal performance coaching

Performing consistently at optimal levels depends on your ability to control and synchronise your thought process, emotions and physical talents at any time when you need to produce peak performance. Without it you are only half prepared. If you are looking to achieve at your ultimate level in all areas of life, developing this capability is vital. Gerry Weatherley can provide you with the tools and training to improve many aspects of your individual performance, whether you want to regain confidence after an injury, improve a specific part of your life or deal with an issue that has been holding you back eg stress, performance anxiety, confidence issues, weight issues. Gerry has a unique skill- set with recognised qualifications that include neuro-linguistic programming, clinical hypnosis among others.


Think we can help? If you are in acute pain please phone us and one of our specialists will be pleased to speak with you at no obligation to yourself.