An Alternative to Surgery for Knee Arthritis?

You may have seen recent media coverage of Unloader Knee braces. A couple of celebrities have been pictured in the Sunday papers “sporting “them. Anthony McPartlin (Ant and Dec) who attributes the start of his addiction problems to debilitating knee pain, has been wearing the Ossur brace.

After 9 operations, ex -swimmer Sharon Davies is another celebrity attributing the brace to “curing her nagging knee pain. The brace, pictured below, works by applying a gentle force to the affected side of the knee by two adjustable tensioned straps allowing the joint to slightly realign and thus offload the joint.

Despite the  “Robocop” appearance, the brace is actually very light, and the Ossur unloader fit is even more streamlined.  If you would like to find out more about the unloader braces take a look at , or give us a call at the clinic, we have a display brace and can measure you and fit the right brace in 48 hours.